Who is the Education Consultant?

Last updated: Jul 26, 2021

Who is the Education Consultant?

The education consultant is an experienced professional and expert in the field of education, who can use the proper knowledge to guide students towards the best education program that suits their profiles and interests. They can participate in developing curriculum or  work with organisations and learners to identify and support their specialist needs.

The Educational Consultant guides and supports students as well as their families towards evidence-based solutions that will increase academic achievement. Once a student’s unique needs and learning styles are identified, the Consultant will work with the family to construct an individualized learning plan. If an overseas experience is required, the consultant will advise through the terms, and cultures to put into place effective, compassionate and individualized support plans.

Responsibilities of Education Consultant 

  • Create personalized learning development plans to ensure students’ unique learning needs are met
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and coaching to positively impact students’ learning.
  • Make recommendations about the best learning programs and environments for students’ success.
  • Help parents to visualize a more objective perspective on their students’ strengths and weakness as a student
  • Handle calls from students to provide them with necessary consultation 
  • Manage applicants’ portfolios across the entire application journey, from enrollment to launch 
  • Updated with the rules and regulations of the countries dealing with


We provide high school students as well as post graduates with “study abroad” opportunities in 800+ universities in more than 10 countries around the globe, until they reach their full potential in the right place for them and improve their skills. We also follow up with each student after enrollment and during their study period.
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