What are the services offered by Bright Future

Last updated: Jun 27, 2021

What are the services offered by Bright Future

At Bright Future, we stream-line the overseas college admissions process for you and offer consultancy services meant to help you gain admission into the university of your choosing. Some of the services we offer include:


University Match-making

First, our experts start by making sure that you're applying for the perfect major for yourself. Then they work together with you to make a list of the best universities for you according to your intended major, academic qualifications, budget, personal preferences, among other factors.


Admission Help

Bright Future’s experts take care of all necessary admission steps; they set up a timeline to get you on track, contact the university, help you fill out the application, and assist you with the application essays.


Visa Preparation

When it’s time to travel, Bright Future’s VISA experts will also help prepare your VISA application and get all the procedures done for you!


Dormitories & Medical Insurance

Bright Future works with its 800+ partner universities to ensure you the best possible dormitory housing and medical insurance during your stay.


English-language Courses

If you struggle with the English language, Bright Future consultants can also enroll you into an English course in your designated country that you can take alongside your studies.


To top it all off, you can rest easy knowing that our services are completely free of charge, as our operations are entirely financed by university commissions, not our students.


We provide high school students as well as post graduates with “study abroad” opportunities in 800+ universities in more than 10 countries around the globe, until they reach their full potential in the right place for them and improve their skills. We also follow up with each student after enrollment and during their study period.
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