Quality Learning: Effective Lecturer

Last updated: May 31, 2021

#### Effective Lecturer

Have you ever attended a class and become able to recall most of its content for a long time? That is because of the power of effective lecturer.

#### Who is university lecturer?

A university lecturer is the one responsible for teaching academic as well as vocational subjects wo undergraduates and postgraduates. He is should be an expert in his/her subject areas. Also he/she is expected to master various teaching techniques and methods in order to make the learning experience meaningful and fruitful. Not only have that, but a university lecturer always pursue his /her own research as to contribute to the wider research activities of the institution.

#### What are the lecturer’s responsibilities?

University lecturer is the one responsible for delivering seminars, lectures and tutorials. Also, for designing, developing ans preparing course content and teaching materials; for assessing students’ work. And for supervising research activities such as projects, master theses, and PhD dissertations. In addition to carrying out administrative tasks related to student admissions and induction programmes ; for establishing collaborative links with other universities and organization; for participating in training new staff members.
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#### Who is the effective lecturer?

Effective lecturer is someone who clearly understands his role, and is able to take you to an on-going journey of exciting exploration to discover yourself and the world around you. An effective lecturer is the teacher who has the ability to make the material as much interesting and stimulating as possible.

According to Ayers (2011) in his book To teach. The Journey of a Teacher, teaching has to be built on commitment , vision, risk-taking and learning on imagination. Without these traits teaching is “mechanical and sterile, and learning is the stuff of pigeons pecking for food or mice running a maze.” In this light, a passionate lecturer is the one who consider himself/herself a partner in the learning process rather than an expert in the field. A passionate lecturer actively engages students to create a sense of empowerment and autonomy towards their own learning. Further, effective lecturer takes his students hands to be reflective learners and practitioners.

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