How Studying Abroad Affects the Learning Process

Last updated: Jun 5, 2021

How Studying Abroad Affects the Learning Process

“You explore, then you exist”

We live to travel and see what the world and people around us look and act like. Merging education and travel results in a productive, excellent student, which is exactly why studying abroad provides you with a smoother and superior learning experience.

Critical thinking skills

Did you know that, in university, there is always at least one critical thinking question in almost every exam? In fact, critical thinking alone is an entire subject in some places! Numerous studies show that students who immerse themselves in different cultures and backgrounds, and pay close attention to their environments often end up with enhanced critical thinking skills. Choosing to travel and study abroad helps you do exactly that: it gives you the chance to become a more globally-aware individual, and a more-critical thinker as a result! Meanwhile, such skills also help you in your academic and personal life abroad, and could be the main reason behind your improved academic performance. What better way can you come to _think_ about your _thinking_ while _thinking_ it and incorporate that in your learning otherwise?

Less distractions

We all love our families to bits, but having others around you whilst studying or working could often be distracting. Travelling abroad gives you your own space and quiet, which helps you focus on pursuing your academic goals in a less stressful environment! You get to focus harder on your studies and plan out your schedule more efficiently in an organized space, which greatly improves the quality of the education you’re receiving. If you also happen to share your dorm with someone, you may also get a fun new study buddy!

Fresh motivation

University officials know how challenging of an experience studying abroad can be for international students. Therefore, they often have scholarships and financial aid rewards set aside specifically for the most accomplished of those students. These awards represent a tangible goal and reward for your effort, and so, will motivate you to study harder during high school. Actually getting such an award supports you financially and gives you a massive boost of self-confidence. It also encourages you to do better and excel in your major in order to rise up to the expectations set for you.

Brain boost

Have you ever noticed that whenever you travel, you tend to sleep less than the normal, yet feel more active during the day? Traveling gives your brain a hormone rush that ranges from increased levels of dopamine and adrenaline to a decrease in melatonin that makes the brain more active and receptive to new information. Your brain processes the information it is given on a deeper level, too. This not only helps you adapt to the new place you’re in and your life abroad, but also affects your academic life positively since your brain naturally starts to engage with any task, academic ones included. All this extra brain activity naturally results in a better and more complete learning experience.

New learning technique

A big part of studying abroad is being exposed to new cultures, and a different culture doesn’t simply mean a fresh perspective on things. Cultures impact education and learning, and thus, traveling abroad and exposing yourself to a different culture means exposing yourself to new methods and ways in which to study and learn your curriculum. You get to witness numerous ways of teaching, and so acquire different ways of learning! For example, you can get to use new methods such as:

**Distributed practice**, which is a commonly used technique in universities where students constantly practice different skills together and in groups through given tasks.

**Self-explanation**, where you get introduced to a topic which you are then asked to conduct a research around and present it to your class.

**Spaced practice**, which is built on correlating topics to each other, whether in one class or multiple.

All these different techniques and many others that you’ll learn studying abroad will give you the chance to relate all what you’re learning to one another, consequently making each subject or topic individually easier for you to comprehend.

Studying abroad doesn’t just give you an adventure to look forward to, it also gives you the space to study freely, a sense of motivation, and life-long skills which positively impact both your academic performance and personal development.

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