Every student is unique

Last updated: Jun 27, 2021

Every student is unique

Every student is unique; that’s a fact, but the factors that actually make that student stand out are what matter the most. Evidence shows that studying abroad is a practice that adds a lot to a student’s personality and perspective when it comes to their surroundings. In this article, we wish to shed light upon this brand of “uniqueness” and what ultimately triggers it. 

   One of the main aspects in which studying abroad helps a student stand out is, first and foremost, academics. Studying abroad helps students examine and adopt numerous learning methods & techniques that would greatly benefit them in their future careers. This exposure to new techniques, coupled with a student’s willingness to adopt and work with them, helps them develop what is called a "growth mindset”, which is the belief that “successes are a result of hard work” and not “a result of innate talent or smarts” (Bokas and Rocks, 2015).

What better way is there for a student to flex both their intelligence and their willingness to build upon it (and thus, stand out)?

Another way studying abroad helps a student stand out is by letting students build their own sense of independence. The adventures that an international student gets to engage in and the piles of responsibilities they are suddenly forced to deal with can be very overwhelming at first, but things cool down a little and the student gets the hang of it. They’ll start developing their own sense of independence which will permeate into their personalities and day-to-day interactions.

A key trait students acquire as a result of studying abroad is an embracing of one’s freedom of expression. International students get to meet people who engage in both similar and different practices to their own, and so learn to accept themselves and others the way they are, slowly gathering up the courage to freely express themselves as well. The diverse communities that international students take part in allow them to gain a deeper, richer perspective into the world and its people. 

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences that students can ever embark on, and not only for the chance to go on adventures and attain a quality education, but also for all the little things that such an experience can add to a student’s personality.


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