Education and Empowerment

Last updated: Jul 25, 2021

We are facing a time of crisis, and the question now lies on how we as learners can cope with such a fast changing and frightening world.

The answer for this question lies in the word “empowerment.” What is “empowerment”? Empowerment is the “process by which individuals and groups gain power, access to recourses and control over their own lives. In doing so, they gain the ability to achieve their highest personal and collective aspirations and goals (Robbins, chatterjee & Canda, 1998).

How can education empower people?

Education provides independence and develops critical thinking. It provides youth the chance to develop talents, skills, personality and awareness.  Education enables young generations to change their lives, and contribute to the society. Educated people have the power to elevate their societies by contributing to the economic growth, beside their ability to change their circumstances and future. Without acquiring the proper skills, people will never be able to reach their true potential to actively participate in the society. 

Having a quality education is so longer luxurious in the current world. This is because today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. So, how can they lead and transform, and how can they shoulder the leadership without receiving a proper amount of education. Education is reflected on all walks of life and it transfer from a generation to the next. Furthermore, the leaders of tomorrow can not be easily misguided and played on due to receiving poor quality of education. 


We provide high school students as well as post graduates with “study abroad” opportunities in 800+ universities in more than 10 countries around the globe, until they reach their full potential in the right place for them and improve their skills. We also follow up with each student after enrollment and during their study period.
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