Culture Diversity-Widening Your Horizons?

Last updated: Jun 5, 2021

Culture Diversity: Widening Your Horizons

According to Oxford, culture is appropriately defined as “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.” One can always learn about different cultures either directly through friends and distant relatives, or indirectly through the internet. But while those methods may give you a small glimpse into your culture of interest, experiences like studying abroad give you the time and space needed to properly explore a new culture. Such opportunities also provide you with a support network that lets you adjust to your new surroundings more easily, thus making it a far less nerve-wracking experience.

**Better understand others**

Learning what the people around you value and hold dear helps you understand and relate to them better. At first, you may wonder why this group of people honors a certain animal, upholds a certain set of morals, or looks down upon a specific trait, but just by asking and getting to know the reasons behind such idiosyncrasies, you begin to understand why certain cultures evolved in this place, and at that point in time. You start to appreciate people’s differences, and when faced with unfamiliarity, instead of reacting with disgust or ignorant ridicule, you’ll be searching for answers.

Meet new people easily

As a foreigner in a new country, it’s actually quite easy to find new people to befriend and relate to. Hoards of locals will be itching to talk to and befriend you, after all, they’re just as curious to learn about you and your culture, as you are about them. Other foreigners, too, will be easier to spot and make friends with, because you both find yourselves in similar circumstances and can relate to one another more easily. Exploring a different culture, specifically by going to its country of origin, is fundamentally a social experience that is sure to ease any feelings of loneliness in your heart, and help you make valuable, human connections that span across borders.

Make precious memories

Travelling abroad is going out of your comfort zone, and boldly trying new things that you may or may not like. Such experiences are incredibly fun and rejuvenating on their own, but they’re made better ten-fold through the simple presence of friends. The memories you’ll make learning about a different culture are one you’ll be sure to look back on fondly in your later years. Not to mention, the stories you’ll have to tell to your kids and grandkids alone are worth it, whether they were astounding successes, or hilarious mishaps.

Become an overall better person

The knowledge, communication skills, and life experience you’ll gain learning about just one culture are sure to trigger massive personal growth within you. The subtle language & tone skills, and slang you’ll pick up along the way are a given, but the friendships you’ll make, photos you’ll take, and hands you’ll shake are just as infinitely valuable. Well-travelled, cultured individuals are often people who can hold a lively conversation with just about anybody, possess a great deal of empathy, see the best in people, and seek adventure. By learning about various cultures, you’ll be on your way to becoming a more interesting, insightful, tasteful, wise, well-mannered, attractive, and beloved soul.

Better understand your own culture

Learning about a new culture not only adds to your collective knowledge & experience bank, it also helps you better understand your own culture, customs and even language. By comparing little bits of information you’ve gathered from people all around the world, you can then paint a clearer picture of how certain traditions came to be, how certain words made their way into your daily lexicon, or even how different flavors reached your home and ingrained themselves into your peoples’ cuisine. To learn about a new culture is to expose yourself to the various wonders of life, and be able to pinpoint your part in all of it.

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