Business Majors

Last updated: Jun 5, 2021

Business Majors

Business is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial majors you can choose to study. Everything in life has a business side or aspect to it. You get to understand the basic principles of everything from economics to human interaction. And not only is it a field filled with job opportunities, it also teaches you skills that help you in every aspect of life down the road.

Each major you study in business focuses on one topic in the business world. For instance, accounting is mostly about numbers, administration and management is all about managing work operations and aiming for development, etc.. In this piece, we’ll be introducing you to each major and providing you with all the details that you need to know, and more.


As an accounting major, you’ll study all about the numerical side of the finances of a company or an organization. The topics that you should expect to study are Calculus, Statistics, and Algebra, alongside Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Due to the active nature of the topics that you’ll be studying, you’ll also practice and gain skills such as attention to detail and analysis. Accounting majors are not only required to collect data; however, they’re also required to present it to their managers and coworkers, and sometimes even to clients. As such, accounting is a highly recommended field to people who enjoy math and data management, and are confident public speakers.


The finance major simply teaches you how to manage money. It teaches you how to make a full financial plan for your clients, how and where investments should be made, and how to analyze/limit spending. The typical classes you will be taking include Economics, Math, and Accounting. However, what you should expect to deal with the most, while studying finance, is case studies. Of course, there are theoretical topics that you’ll be studying, but because finance requires lots of practice and application, you should expect most of your coursework to include case studies. Case studies will also help you enhance your economic and entrepreneurial skills. When it comes to job opportunities, finance majors could work on their own freelance projects in business development, or for companies and organization and take hold of their financial plans from A to Z.

Business Administration and Management:

Management as a business major prepares you to become anything from a team manager to a CEO. It introduces you to all principles of business such as economics, marketing, and accounting so you could understand how everything in an organization functions. Your projects and coursework will also enhance your leadership, decision making, and problem solving skills. Topics such as Ethics and Business Law are also a key aspect of your business administration and management education, since they help you make healthy and ethical decisions for your organization that positively impact your community as well. A management major is recommended to people with the utmost interest in the business world, and who dream of working in managerial positions, leading teams, and creating progress for their employers’ organization, personal projects, or even society as a whole.


Marketing majors mainly study anything and everything related to promoting products and services. Topics you should expect are Marketing and People, Digital Marketing, and Consumer Behavior, alongside Economics. Marketing majors focus on studies related to consumers’ requirements and needs. It is the only business branch that focuses solely on the consumer, with little to no involvement with the managerial or financial sector.

Marketing aims to build your persuasive and negotiation skills. This major is highly recommended to people who are creative, looking to study something that is business-based but also media-related, and want to work closely with people.


Human resources management, too, focuses on working with people, but as employees. It is one of the most important sectors in an organization. Understanding people, giving each person within the organization a task according to their strengths, and strategically allocating employees and their skills are huge, important responsibilities that an HR is tasked with. Studying HR enhances your communication, leadership, and organizational skills. Topics you should expect to study in an HR major are: Strategic Human Resource Management, Law and Ethics for the Human Resource Professional, Workforce Performance and Talent Management, Organizational Behavior Analysis, and Human Resource Recruitment and Selection.

The business world is incredibly fun to study and work in. Getting to choose the right major according to your skills and what you like to do is, while liberating and exciting, also incredibly stressful. But we’re sure that with the information you’re armed with now, you’ll be able to make a decision that will positively shape your college journey. A decision that will be both fulfilling and rewarding, and will earn you a special seat in your desired career.

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